[LISTEN] Detour 01 – In Memoriam: “The Lost Tapes”

This past Memorial Day was, for us, actually all about about friends as chosen family. We were able to gather (remotely) and parse through our fondest memories of two of our favorite people, who we tragically lost too soon. Join us in celebrating their memories while listening to tunes from The Lost Tapes in their honor. Let’s bring back #MusicMonday …

Before anything else, we want to acknowledge the very blatant and inescapable fact that the world is in chaos and every one we know is reeling from it. There is so much loss and pain being felt by all of us, and words cannot express how difficult we know it must be to cope with. Recording this two part episode was hard to do during these times. We’re struck hard emotionally and still haven’t quite recovered. So, for your patience, we thank you.

In this episode, we went on a detour from the main trip, interviewing a few of our closest friends from Philly and New York City — Ellen, Elisa, and Jennie. Together we’ll laugh, cry, and give virtual hugs as we remember Antonio Lopez and Brendan Browning-Lafferty. Our brothers and two of the best young men we’ve ever known.

First, we take a look back with the ladies on how we met the guys and bonded with them over music.  And, later in the show, we scroll through the mixes we made in their honor, “Antonio, Love” and “Brendan’s Musical Quilt”.  We’ll talk about the themes behind the tapes — dying young, accepting love and loss hand-in-hand, the importance of friendship, faith, and so much more.

Ok, let’s get started!

Listen to: The Tapes Podcast Detour 01: The Lost Tapes (Parts One & Two)

These mixes are bittersweet for us. The themes are all ones we’ve talked about before, but for these particular tracks, there’s the sharp personal pain that goes with the nostalgia. Listen as we talk about why each track reminds us of our lost friends. 

In our next episode: We chat up our good friends Jen and Henry of the indie rock band Aloud about their phenomenal new album, Sprezzatura.

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